Aircraft designR&D AERONAUTICS´s highly professional in-house design and development team

All of the activities leading to the serial production, from outline drawing, model construction, prototype design, to certification, were undertaken by R&D AERONAUTICS´s highly professional in-house design and development team Utilizing the latest CAD/CAM technology.

Business Areas

R&D Aeronautics Bulgaria is fully capable of developing, producing and maintaining a range of fiber-composite aircraft or aircraft components. R&D Aeronautics could also utilize its certification as a design, production and maintenance facility by the Italian Civil Aviation Authority as well as the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), in order to develop new business as a service provider to third-party companies.

Aeronautics Design

Company has a proven track record in the design and development of the all production aircrafts. The in-house design and development remains an integral part of the company and continues to add value by providing their knowledge and experience to future projects, through development or certification of services for third parties.

The LEONARDO FM is a carbon and aramid fiber-composite, two-seated, singleengine aircraft. It has excellent flight characteristics and the LEONARDO is the ideal choice for both travel (long-range cruise flight) and training. It is highly efficient with very low fuel consumption and superior performance.